Posted on 28 May 2015

"Austin Woman: Did you always want to be a jewelry designer?

Melanie Edwards: Growing up, I was always making jewelry, purses and dresses. I majored in knitwear specialization for fashion design at [the Fashion Institute of Technology] in New York City. One summer, I started making jewelry with gemstones for fun to sell to friends and family. When it was time for me to open my own business, it made sense to start with something small, and I had already created about six earring styles. I put these, as well as a few new ideas, online in June, about three and a half years ago. They sold within the hour! From that initial day, my designs and business have navigated organically into a full-fledged jewelry design studio.

AW: Tell us about your favorite pieces from your collection.
ME: My favorite piece would be the Ivette studs: titanium-dipped jasper druzy with a limited-edition crown bezel. However, I think of pieces more about the stones. My favorite stones to design with are the emerald green jasper druzy or the green agate. It’s a great pop of color for winter. Also, I’m loving the burnt-orange citrine geodes.

AW: What is the best thing about what you do?
ME: Playing with beautiful gemstones all day! I feel very lucky to be my own boss and to be able to have days filled with creativity. "



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